Youtube says its time to take a break!!

While talking about video streaming youtube is the one platform that comes to the mind. from starting to till now its mostly used Google service ever. Youtube is the home of creativity and a good teacher, anyone can learn anything from youtube without cost, and people like me spending a lot of time on youtube … Continue reading Youtube says its time to take a break!!

What was in Google IO 2018

  Google has Been the far best company for making best smartphones and making various new projects in almost every field. This year in Google IO company has introduced us to many new life-changing ideas starting as follows. Gmail Recently Google has introduced a new version of Gmail san they’re calling it a smart compose. … Continue reading What was in Google IO 2018

More with Google wear OS

Google brought its AI assistant to Android Wear 2.0 last year and has been adding features like Routines and Custom Device Actions ever since. Now the company is bringing a few new features to Assistant on Wear OS  including contextually aware conversation suggestions, auditory answers to your questions and actions for connected devices. You can already tell Google Assistant to control your smart home … Continue reading More with Google wear OS