The new iPhone​ SE

If like a lot of people out there you like the small size iPhone than iPhone SE is great for you but then you should think that should you buy iPhone SE in 2018? Well, the answer is pretty much like waiting for a new iPhone SE to release and then buy. Apple has been … Continue reading The new iPhone​ SE

IOS 13 rumores

IOS has been the smartest and most used OS around past years and no doubt that Apple made their journey so far with success of IOS. The Entry of IOS 10 was huge and then IOS 11 came but now a rumor about IOS 13 from Mark Gurman who regularly breaks scoops on upcominApplele plans, … Continue reading IOS 13 rumores

Apple iTunes has finally arrived on Microsoft store

Now its chill for the many users with iPhones and windows laptops which are running on windows 10S, which only allows apps from the Microsoft store. Now that will be a boost for the Microsoft Windows store cause iTunes was only the one famous application that wasn’t available on the Microsoft store for a very … Continue reading Apple iTunes has finally arrived on Microsoft store