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How 3D Technology is Useful?


Technologies that utilizes 3D visual appearances to create different virtual and real-life experiences is 3D technology. Charles Hull invented 3D technology, which made 3D printing history by inventing stereolithography. That allows the designers to create 3D models using digital data. 3D technologies have many uses in today’s world.

3D technology has already been here for the past couple of years. As it is trending in both mobile and web applications. 2021 is its time to shine. Luckily, we live in the 21st century in which technical efforts and achievements, such as rapid improvement in software optimization and production in semiconductors in the past few years have made even the lower-end devices powerful enough to tackle complex visuals. Thus, 3D animated UI won’t be troublesome to utilize despite its drawback on memory consumption.

In 2021, 3D elements will become even more familiar. With its increased demand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. Let us consider, new updates from Apple and macOS many icons were changed. But the graphics have been added to some of the elements by the designers. Animated elements like logos, texts, and images will also shine on web pages and helps the users to distinguish the parts they are interacting with.


Adobe XD might also influence the upcoming 3D elements in designs. As it has introduced a new feature called 3D Transforms that allows adding a whole new perspective to the upcoming designs. As the name suggests “A 3D Transform allows an object to be manipulated within 3D space, creating rotation and tilts as well as changing the depth of an object on the canvas.” designers can think outside of the X and Y axis when it comes to creating concepts. It could also open the door towards designing the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.


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