IOS 13 rumores

IOS has been the smartest and most used OS around past years and no doubt that Apple made their journey so far with success of IOS. The Entry of IOS 10 was huge and then IOS 11 came but now a rumor about IOS 13 from Mark Gurman who regularly breaks scoops on upcominApplele plans, … Continue reading IOS 13 rumores

Microsoft April 2018 update.

Now its time for Microsoft as they officially announced the new Windows 10 update which they call it as windows 10 April update. No doubt that Microsoft is working very hard to compete with their same level competitors like apple and google they have succeeded with the far new features of Windows 10. This year … Continue reading Microsoft April 2018 update.

What Happens Next with Cambridge Analytica??

Cambridge analytics founded in 2013 has brought tremendous attention in 2018 by its horrible act of harvesting 87 million users Facebook data. Cambridge analytics got access to the Facebook user profile of many people and that was used in the trump election as microtargeting and first it was 270,000 but it became 50 million WHY … Continue reading What Happens Next with Cambridge Analytica??

More with Google wear OS

Google brought its AI assistant to Android Wear 2.0 last year and has been adding features like Routines and Custom Device Actions ever since. Now the company is bringing a few new features to Assistant on Wear OS  including contextually aware conversation suggestions, auditory answers to your questions and actions for connected devices. You can already tell Google Assistant to control your smart home … Continue reading More with Google wear OS

Change twitter password!!!

Twitter is asking to all of its users to change their passwords after a bug exposed them in Palin text.Twitter’s investigation showed that there was no evidence that any breach or misuse of the unmasked passwords occurred. however, it's not confirmed by Twitter that how many users passwords may have been compromised or any other … Continue reading Change twitter password!!!

Office 2019 is on the board!!

NO doubt that Microsoft is doing very great with their all office products. they all are so popular as productivity apps rather than all google and IOS apps like google docs and iWork. Microsoft has now started the preview features of the office 2019 to the business customers with the office 365 subscription, which as usual … Continue reading Office 2019 is on the board!!

Apple iTunes has finally arrived on Microsoft store

Now its chill for the many users with iPhones and windows laptops which are running on windows 10S, which only allows apps from the Microsoft store. Now that will be a boost for the Microsoft Windows store cause iTunes was only the one famous application that wasn’t available on the Microsoft store for a very … Continue reading Apple iTunes has finally arrived on Microsoft store

How to reset your Mac for the fresh start

Remember when you first time turned on your Mac, and the performance of it, But than after long time it seems like so hard.Its obvious that apple is always making sure that they customers always get the best experience, but sometime it started feeling that you need a fresh start cause things aren't well on your Mac. … Continue reading How to reset your Mac for the fresh start

Why coding is great!!!

How Cool it’d be if we can write our life as how programmers write codes, well life isn’t that easy but coding is. coding is everything that can make life creative and more productive. It's like a bridge to gather all of your ideas and just put it in one place and share with the globe. … Continue reading Why coding is great!!!

Great Apps To Unlock mac without entering passwords!!

Apple is the best company which makes great products and famous for its ecosystem, so its obvious that all apple products work so good with each other. But unlike Microsoft surface which has a Fingerprint reader, only new version of MacBook Pro has touch ID. The rest macs are a just normal mac.  But everything has a solution … Continue reading Great Apps To Unlock mac without entering passwords!!