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Content writing is an art. And is as important as the design and the beauty of your website. Content drives search engines and increases traffic to the website or the blog. There are many types of writers for example Blog writers, Brand journalists, Technical writers, Social media writers, Email writers, etc. Let’s come across the 5 skills you need to become a content writer.

And, in today’s world, content plays a very important role in marketing and in advertising also. As it attracts the readers. and drives traffic to the blog or a website. Content writers must use strategic plans and effective writing skills for the promotion of the company’s brand accordingly.

If you are thinking to start a career in content writing then you are in the right place indeed…

1. Successful content writers must masters different writing skills

Content writing is a dream job. But not for everyone.  Unfortunately, most writers have a better chance of writing product descriptions. Moreover, they do of becoming best-selling authors. The purpose is that each form of writing has its own style. Blogger is personable. The ad copy is short. White papers are long since they describe and also provide solutions. And hence, each and every category is content. and each style makes the writers more valuable and in demand.

2. Don’t pick random subjects.

Understand your audience. perform keyword research. Check out the competition of the keyword and create original plagiarism-free content.

3. Write plagiarism-free content

Indeed it is your reputation to write plagiarism-free content. Every blog or article you write must be original. Undoubtedly a successful writer should bring unique content and different perspectives. It may sound crazy, as many people write on the same subject. But it is easier than it seems.

4. Must have basic knowledge of SEO, WordPress, HTML, and CSS

Don’t panic!! But yes you must have knowledge of SEO, WordPress, HTML, and CSS. You need only a few basics. To alter the text or the tab in WordPress to need to manipulate the code. And hence it is worth your time to learn the basics. SEO knowledge is a little critical. As the search engine algorithm keeps changing. But one thing remains constant – High quality is always in demand.

5. Must have good knowledge of social media

Yes, you read it right. A successful content writer must also have a good knowledge of social media. Build your audience, meet publishers, and discuss with industry experts. The more active you are on social media, the more likely your followers would recommend your content. content writers are marketing specialists, SEO experts, and social butterflies.

Steps to improve content writing skills

  •  Practice writing regularly: Because it helps you increase the quality of your writing.
  •  Read books and online articles: Is equally important to discover vocabulary and sentence structure.
  •  Write with a partner: This is furthermore important as it would help you to get feedback, on mistakes, and proofreading
  •  Take a writing class or attend a workshop: Enroll yourself in a workshop or the group simultaneously, that an idea to understand the best practices for writing content

Responsibilities of a content writer

  • Create quality and original content that is not plagiarised
  • Keeping a record of previous work
  • Edit, format, and proofread
  • Review and revise content
  • Make good content-creation strategies

Effective content writing Skills

  • Research the keyword
  • Write a catchy headline
  • Start with writing the sentences that grab the attention of the reader
  • Focus on the purpose of keywords and write unique content
  • Edit & review your work before publishing
  • Knowledge of social media
  • Time management
  • Search engine optimization

Why professional writing is important

  • Concise
  • Result oriented
  • SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and well researched

How to find the freelancing project

There are several platforms where you can find freelance content writing projects, they are:

  • Fiver
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Twitter
  • Contentmart
  • Guru

Finding the freelance project is not a big deal, just follow these steps

  • Create an impressive portfolio that attracts the client
  • Lower bids have higher chances of getting the project, so bid low
  • Good review on the freelance portal would help to build trust with the client
  • Try to get the work on LinkedIn and Facebook by connecting socializing with the people
  • Create your blog that will help you to show your work to the client
  • Consequently, these 5 skills are needed to become a content writer.


In short, to become a successful content writer you need certain skills and will take time. That can be learned with free and paid online courses offered by the websites like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

  • The more you study the better you become.
  • The better you grasp the greater you understand.
  • And the greater you create the substantial your flow will be.
  • The best time to start writing was yesterday. The second-best time to start it is always today.

Freelance content writers have endless opportunities as we live in the digital era and everything is going online and with the increase in the demand for quality content writers. Being a freelance content writer also provides you with an opportunity to pick the project you want to do and you can also have flexible work hours.