what is being so positive?

what is being so positive?
“oh my god Sam, calm down your result is gonna be just fine, be a positive man.”

and that was the first step of being positive, ‘ to teel yourself to be positive’
but is it really?
it just works like that? so easily? just tell yourself to be positive, wait my friend cause were just about to find out.

So Oxford dictionary defines the word positive as “Consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features.” just a bunch of fucking words which takes a moment to understand. so we just memorize the definition and think of it when need to be positive? well, you can try that out.

so what’s the deal? how to be positive? and does it work? the answer is NOTHING.
If you think calmly there are no such things that matter as being totally positive cause when you think that you are positive you just choose the good things as the higher probability so your mind won’t get fucked worrying about it, you don’t know for sure that things will turn out pretty good you just think that they might. it’s like convincing your Brian with candy as we do it with kids.
you Kinda lie to your Brian that good stuff are going to happen.

So you’re saying that we should lose our hopes? well, the answer is total No No. why? cause hope is the only thing that gives us a motivation to do stuff. A woman tries to keep her marriage with an alcoholic husband cause she loves him and she has a hope that thing will change, I am writing this story cause I have a hope that it’ll turn out be a good thing.

So if you have come this far reading this article and have no clue what fuck is the point?
the point is future wheatear it carries good things or bad things it totally depends on us.
being positive only works for you if you put work on the hope you got after being positive. being positive will only lead you to dream big and fantasy but it won’t come true if you don’t work for it.
life is full of probabilities and countless chances. so what you failed a test even when you were positive and did hard work, but you know that was not totally being positive, you have to keep up with that.

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