So you want them back?

By samjjmm

life is amazing, with full of memories with countless people but we as a human beings choose few out of those countless people to be the most important people of our lives, and sometimes the bonds are so stronger and connected that we cant heal our selves if there’s a single crack on that bond.

living with the one you love is one of the most beautiful things, we all love that right? and we could do anything for them. OKAY ya, we know that so what’s new in that? Why are we reading this? well, I’m not talking about the beautiful part of course cause we all have our masters in that but the real-time comes when we’re alone like the time when you feel that you are literally on your own.

well for people like me its kinda dark topic and whatever we do we can’t fucking explain this to anyone no matter how hard we try and that’s cause we ourselves don’t know what we’re going through. whatever I’m writing is based on my story and I assumed that maybe this is what happens to all other people going through the same time as we all are human I guess!!

this may seem like a boring one but HEY at least I’m doing something about it and you should too!
WHY YOU ASK cause you my dear friend just lost your infinity stones and let’s face it everyone doesn’t have a reply back saying I love you 3000. we have lost that kinda thing. Hmmm, so what you do now?
A. Cry the hell out
B. Cry for a bit longer
C. Don’t decide anything

the reason I said don’t decide anything is caused life is not a time table, don’t schedule every moment of your life based on time. You only get it once and it’s FREE. Let your life take you on the journey you have never seen, and doesn’t matter how bad your life is but it’s still yours, you are the owner of your life.

love people, trust people because the world depends on that and I know your heart broke but time is a teacher that will teach everything.

make yourself reborn again, and i know you’re loved one is not here to be happy with you but you are here to make yourself happy and there is one thing that cant describe here and that is what time taught me, I usually write what I have experienced but this one is different but I tried as much as I could and believe nothing in this life is permanent. you gotta deal with the fact and make a new beautiful memory out of your miserable life kinda like best out of the west.

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