How to lock your old self and get a new one?

does it ever happen to you where you think oh gosh I hate myself and you regret all the things you have done and you think that its time to move on and time make some changes in me and my surrounding?
well if that happened to you then you’re probably a normal person like me or other millions who thinks that they can get all of their SHIT done and who still hopes to make changes but either too lazy to change or life is just so fucking hard so it won’t allow you to change.

no need to be stressed, my buddy, cause you’re living a normal life. but the question is that if it’s normal to everyone then should I leave it like that or should I really make an effort and try to make some change?? well the answer is both YES and NO.

Hey Sam, well that’s a not solving answer and its right you shouldn’t try to change everything, sometimes you gotta let things be their own way and focus on what can you change and put all of your energy on that one thing and believe me if you put all of your energy on that one thing even if that’s a very little small tiny thing, dude it can affect many other things. but the thing hers is that you have to do it. some of you may think of this shit is getting confusing then let me clear it for you in some simple words,

1.if you got a breakdown well first take some time to grieve from that and start thinking what to do next. get any idea you can come up with which you like and start working on it.

2.sometimes for your own good leave the people around you in the trash cause trust me at that time you don’t wanna hear or argue with their negative opinions and judgments about your work. so just forget that you’re living with all these simply functioning human beings.

3.get a smile and do it cause getting a change in anything is not that easy like WHO LIKES CHANGE?? we want the same living happy life that we had but it’s not possible that you get the same happy life but instead, you can get a happy life with some changes so go and get it. its better to have something than nothing.


I know what we do in a situation like this, with the technology so much in our hands these days we google every simple problem we get and I’m pretty sure that all of you have done the same. searching on google about how to make myself happy and how to not give a fuck to anyone and how to travel without money(I’m out of words now so) the common things in all of those blogs is that you should adept change and just change your life bro!! you only get it once, so just live it.

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