IS Apple Watch health trustable?

by sam | @samjjmm

One of the most another handy product of apple after iPhone and Mac is Apple Watch, which is one of the best smart watch far so ever.

This last month Apple has introduced electrocardiogram feature. And let’s admit its a good new feature but is it in all perspective in the medical field?
According to the CNBC article, many doctors are not concerned with the feature of the watch as it could be false positive and resulting patient into ER.

People are more engaging to their helth with the access of internet from googling their symptom and using smart wearable machines, but some of the cases it could show the wrong result. On the other hand, most of the results are sure and Apple Watch is roiling out pretty well with its new feature and helping many people. The new feature of Apple Watch saved life according to this Reddit post.

Similarly, Dr. Leslie Saxon, a cardiologist and professor at the University of Southern California, has publicly praised Apple for helping people take control of their health.

In this modern world having smart machines like this really benefit people engaging in their health and know more about it.

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