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Fcaebook gave major tech companies access to users account

By sam | @samjjmmh

Facebook didn’t have the great year this time and dropped many users, as there are many users who don’t seem to have trust on facebook anymore.

Facebook is a huge company with its 2 billion users. like some other companies facebook share users data with third-party companies and the intention was to benefit everyone with Facebook getting more users and help third parties to make their products attractive and helpful. but things didn’t go well as they should be as facebooks recent scandal with Cambridge analytics and according to the NY times post here’s how Facebook shares users data with various tech companies,

-Giving Bing, the Microsoft search engine, access to see names and other profile information of a user’s friends.
-Giving Amazon the names and contact information of users, in a partnership that is currently being wound down.
-Giving Apple access to users’ Facebook contacts and calendar entries, even if they had disabled data sharing,
-Giving Spotify, Netflix, and the Royal Bank of Canada the ability to read users’ private Facebook messages.

Interviews with about 50 former employees of Facebook and its corporate partners reveal that Facebook allowed certain companies access to data despite those protections.




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