The new iPhone​ SE

If like a lot of people out there you like the small size iPhone than iPhone SE is great for you but then you should think that should you buy iPhone SE in 2018? Well, the answer is pretty much like waiting for a new iPhone SE to release and then buy.

Apple has been doing very great with its all iPhones and after the lunch of iPhone 6s they made iPhone SE with was quite successful though. iPhone SE is like iPhone 6 in the great old iPhone 5s body. Which was a good thing because many people prefer the small size iPhone.

But enough about the old things and let’s talk about iPhone SE2. There are some routers about iPhone SE2 for a long time and based on that it looks like the second version will be even more successful than the first version of iPhone SE.

As per the rumors of the release date of iPhone SE2 the phone will not be released until the September of this year.

While talking about the price it varies on the storage as 32GB will cost around $399 and 128GB will cost around $499.

While the iPhone SE looks similar to the iPhone 5s, there is an expectation that the iPhone SE 2 will look more like the iPhone 8, although may have different dimensions.

A Chinese report from February 2018 says the iPhone SE 2 will have a similar design to the current iPhone SE. However, it will have a larger 4.2in display, apparently. The bigger display won’t be due to it having an all screen display like the iPhone X, though. The report states that it will still maintain the classic iPhone shape and the front Home button to support fingerprint recognition. A complete redesign aside, one thing that is likely to change is the color options.

The iPhone SE is currently available in silver, gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold options. The iPhone SE 2 is likely to be available in silver, gold, and Space Grey – like the iPhone 8. The Rose Gold and gold version have kind of merged in the iPhone 8 and it is likely that the new iPhone SE will also offer this new brassier gold color option rather than two gold options.

New features

New features may include 3D Touch, Face ID, and wireless charging.

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