Youtube says its time to take a break!!

While talking about video streaming youtube is the one platform that comes to the mind. from starting to till now its mostly used Google service ever.

Youtube is the home of creativity and a good teacher, anyone can learn anything from youtube without cost, and people like me spending a lot of time on youtube sometimes even forget the how much time and therefore people like me youtube has another feature called

Time break!

Recently in the Google I/O company has announced the Android P which has a lot of features one of them is that it will give you the overall time that you have to spend on your phone, how many times you have unlocked your phone and what are the apps you used most.

Similar future is now available on the youtube that will remind you to take a break depending on the how much time you have set in settings. To enable this feature, in your youtube app go your account icon and then go to the setting than you will see the option remind me to take a break and you will have the options like 


15 minute 

30 minute

60 minute

90 minute

180 minute

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