What was in Google IO 2018


Google has Been the far best company for making best smartphones and making various new projects in almost every field. This year in Google IO company has introduced us to many new life-changing ideas starting as follows.


Recently Google has introduced a new version of Gmail san they’re calling it a smart compose. Google has added some features to its Gmail to even be more productive.

According to the new update of Gmail and its new AI, Gmail will be very smart and predict the messages you want to type to your friend or colleague with the technology of AI.

Google photos

Google photos is the best app for all of your photos and it’s going to even better with AI as now you’ll be able to send pictures of an individual person with just one click. And also you can recreate a moment from very old photos with colorizing the pic.

Google assistant 

How Google Io can be completed even if there’s nothing about Google assent. This year Google is adding the six new voices to the Google Assistant, and she has become even smarter that now she can make a call in the background and make your appointment.

Google news 

A new update is now available to the google news, which will be a more smart way to get your news cause with the AI news will now only focus on the news that you care about and you’ll get your personalized news every day. 

Camera plus Google lense

Now its easy to find out something that you don’t really know with google lens but with new update camera will able to help you with where are you and where do you want to go and what is that thing exactly in just pointing your camera on it.

Android P

That’s not all but Google has made more announcements about the new version of OS after Orio and that is Google P. Google P beta is now available to try with many new features to the Android devices.

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