How to reset your Mac for the fresh start

Remember when you first time turned on your Mac, and the performance of it, But than after long time it seems like so hard.Its obvious that apple is always making sure that they customers always get the best experience, but sometime it started feeling that you need a fresh start cause things aren’t well on your Mac. All you need to do is reinstall the OS.

Well getting that best experience back is not that quiet hard when it comes to wipeout everything and recover your Mac, So you can get the best experience again.


Before getting in to this make sure that you backup your Mac with Time Machine. its a really important step.

You have to have a good internet connection as you will be downloading the OS again.


-Restart your Mac and than press command plus R button for the recovery page.


If you are thinking of selling you Mac than you should go with erasing the disk.

-To erase the disk go to disk utility and select you disk you want to erase.

-Click on the erase to erase the disk.


Close the Disk Utility and choose the reinstall macOS, verify yourself and after agreeing the terms and conditions your OS will start to download.

it will take sometime depending on your internet speed.

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