Why coding is great!!!

How Cool it’d be if we can write our life as how programmers write codes, well life isn’t that easy but coding is. coding is everything that can make life creative and more productive.

It’s like a bridge to gather all of your ideas and just put it in one place and share with the globe.

2018 a year with more advancement in pretty much everything, everything is now getting smarter started with our mobile phones to now smart homes and glasses, watches and much much more but all of those things wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for computer coding. And not just you get to be more creative but you’ll earn great money for your ideas.

Majority of people think that it’s not my cup of tea, I can’t be a programmer cause I don’t know the C of coding but that’s okay because that’s pretty much everything you’re gonna need to start your journey of programming. You probably didn’t even know about a thing of your carrier that you’re doing right now. And the plus thing about coding is that you can make it as your side job, you don’t have to spend a full day on it.

To start with basics just a hour of a day would be great and once you master in that you can do your job as well as this together, cause in this field you don’t have to sit at your office desk to complete your task, that’s the one thing that I like about this job that you can work from anywhere in the world and for that all you gonna need is a laptop and internet connection.

If you’re new to this and want to start there are many programming languages you can learn, starting with the basic one like

C language. And if you really want to be professional than learn python and swift.

Python is the most popular language in the world its super easy once you learn it and you can earn much money with that. Swift is a language for the all IOS platforms from Apple. And If you want to build apps for Android than use Java.

Internat is great cause you can get whatever you want from various platforms. So if you want to become a programmer that start your journey, there are lost of the great platform on the internet to get started like you can learn from youtube and serval others like





Clever programmer

So sit back and think a while and then start your journey to change the world!!

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