WHAT ARE Single Landing Page Websites?

Single landing page website

One of the hottest trends in online marketing these days is the single landing page website. As stand-alone pages, these microsites are a departure from the tried-and-true multi-page websites with their Home, About, FAQ, and Contact pages.

Instead, visitors don’t click through the various pages of a site; they just scroll down through the different sections. A page focused on this product that shares its best elements and invites people to sign up and learn more.

What should a single landing page website include??

A landing page does one thing well: focuses visitors’ attention on what you’re promoting, with a single call to action that gets people to sign up for more information or directly purchase your product. The Single landing page website offers some distinct advantages. By eliminating the option of clicking on other pages and choosing their path, you’re able to control how visitors see your presentation. Top to bottom is their only choice.

When you want to build a single landing page website to launch something new, you need:

  • An app to build a one-page website that’s easy to customize without coding.
  • Templates to help you make the website quickly with a modern design.
  • Tools to add extra items—images, long-form text, and more—to templates.
  • A button to send visitors to another site or store where they can buy your product or a form where they can sign up for more information.
  • A customizable domain name for your site.
  • Analytics tracking to know how many people visit your page and how they got to it.


  • Boosts your engagement
  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Works well with images
  • Higher conversion rate


  • Requires a lot of scrolling
  • Limited scalability
  • Loading time is longer
  • Sharing content on one page may be difficult
  • UX might be confusing

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