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Success does not happen. It’s not an “event” that happens.

Success is a routine that you have to follow every day. And keep following it.
Success remains with you only on a condition. That it remains with you only until and unless you keep following that routine. Success is a routine, not an event to happen

The definition of Success is your own personal view, for some people, it’s their career achievement, for some people it is financial securities so that they can provide security to their loved ones

Routine v/s Habit

There’s a lot of difference between habit and routine. Routine is intentional and the habit is mindless

What’s that routine?

1.Working with the same dedication every day towards your goal. So you must always have one clear goal defined
2.Not measuring your efforts by the work hours, lines of code written, articles written, videos made, words written, the number of clients you have. All the effort must be made for the sake of the goals you need to achieve. So the only way you can use for measuring your efforts is by checking is that how far you are from your goal. Although this is still not the only honest way, to persuade you started with the right decision this is often enough
3.Learning from the bad decisions you made in your past, processing them, and keep moving on. And doing it every single day!
4.Keeping all your efforts focused on the goal you need to achieve in your future.
5.Having faith in yourself that your efforts will materialize.

But what’s that point entrepreneurs usually miss?

  • It’s a very common thing that entrepreneurs easily forget.
  • Struggle
  • Dedication
  • Effort
  • Ambition
  • Relentlessness
  • Obsession

All of these words have value.

But please make sure you are not going to pay that price with your health or your family’s health.
I cannot be more clear and straightforward on this.
If your or your family’s health or happiness is being sacrificed due to your ambition (or obsession), then your goal is not well-defined or well-managed.

Keep it positive and stay adaptable

Mastering the art of instantly creating a positive statement from your negative thoughts. And repeating it every day helps you to be positive with a creative mindset. In the same way, when confronted with challenges, we have to make instant acceptance a practice so that we can adapt, adjust, and execute to keep moving forward.

Do you know what does that means?

It means, at the end of the day you might win your “goal” and lose everything you had.
And then your mathematics won’t be able to calculate your losses.
So, keep a balance! SUCCESS IS A ROUTINE, NOT AN EVENT that’s the point.

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